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Moiré Creations of America, LLC is a commission finisher of woven, non-woven and knitted textiles and other webs. We process other companies' products for a fee.

Moiré specializes in the processing of knitted fabrics, particularly those containing stretch yarns. Moiré also works with foils and films.

We can embellish your product in many ways:

     - Moiré process -Bar and random- on Bengalines and taffetas for all markets.

     - Embossing - Largest available library of designs. We do knits and wovens, specializing in stretch fabrics.

     - Ciré (polishing) of wovens, knits and stretch fabrics.

     - Heat Transfer Printing in fabric widths up to 116 inches.

     - Glitter Printing our designs or yours. Serving apparel, costume, and packaging markets.

     - Deluster (or Pigment) Printing of fabrics for intimate apparel and activewear markets. Our products are moldable and durable to multiple washing.

     - Random and Long Crashing of wovens and knits up to 100 inches.

     - Calendering of wide and narrow fabrics.

     - Lamination with non-wovens.

     - Finishing various.

     - Various combinations of the above processes.